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Work With Me

Spiritual Development comes in many different packages. Some clients may be looking to strengthen their Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing) abilities, others may be Empathic and need help to turn down the dial on the emotional rollercoaster.  Some clients may want to deepen their connection with God, others may want to simply receive messages from Spirit.  Many clients just want someone to talk to about common "day to day" experiences, and just need a little energy clearing and focused direction to reset the button.  Spiritual Development is different for each person, so each session is tailored specifically for what you’re wanting to learn or accomplish.  


Working with me can be a lot of fun, as I enjoy good humor and love to laugh (usually at myself).  One thing that I’m adamant about is teaching YOU “how to help yourself”.  I’m a firm believer in the “do it yourself” mantra!  Although, when I moved to Texas, I was certain that I could turn my barn into a 2-bedroom home all by myself, just like Chip & Joanna Gaines from The Fixer Upper. 


That enthusiasm lasted about a week, and after I accidentally demoed the wrong wall, making gashes in hidden pipes with my framing hammer, and cutting the water pipe with my Sawzall, I realized that I needed help.  LOL!  I needed someone who knew how to scope the job out, see where the pitfalls may be, show me what tools I needed to use, and give me a blueprint of what to do to get the job done.  This is the role that I play when you’re needing help to improve your life, and deepen your Spiritual development.


I look forward to working with you, and can’t wait to share with you these practical, easy-to-learn, common-sense, yet powerful, Spiritual Tools.


In Gratitude,

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Intuitive Development

Are you ready to take leaps and bounds towards your own Spiritual Development?  Do you feel like you’re just a little bit different than everyone else, you see and feel things that no one else does? It’s probably because you’re an Intuitive and are utilizing senses that most people don’t even know that they have.


When I was a child, I was bothered by ghosts, visited by spirits, and thought that everyone else was scared nightly by the same unwanted companions that would talk to me while I was trying to sleep.  It took me many years to figure out that I was different, and that I needed some guidance to learn how to manage my abilities.


This is where an Intuitive Teacher can be extremely helpful.  It’s one thing to know that you have abilities, it’s a whole other thing to figure out how to properly use them.  It’s like driving a stick shift vehicle for the first time.  If you’ve ever driven a stick shift, you know how mind-racking trying to push in the clutch with your foot and change the gears with your hand (at the same time) can be, let alone try to stop on a hill, and then start again… Oh yeah, welcome to my first experience of driving in Los Angeles.  


What am I saying?  Learning about how to feel and sense energies, and what to do with those sensations, is much like driving that stick shift.  If you don’t push in the clutch at the same time your changing those gears, you’ll be doing a lot of nothing, sitting in the middle of the street with cars backed up behind you honking their horns at you (this comes from experience).  So, it’s much better to have someone to teach you how, where, why, and the what-fors! 


Allow me to be your guide on this journey.  I can promise you, we will have a few laughs, maybe a cry or two, but we will have many breakthroughs and “Ah Ha” moments.  My teaching method is not book-based, it’s action based.  I teach my clients how to “do for themselves”, so that they too can share what they know with others.  It’s my great pleasure to be part of your amazing journey and I look forward to working with you.


In Gratitude,

Energy Healing Training

Have you ever said a prayer for someone who was sick, or in need of encouragement to make their life better?  Have you noticed, soon after you said that prayer that something changed in that person’s life for the positive?  Well, prayer is a form of energy healing, and when done with the right thoughts, intentions, feelings and focus, you can do wonders for yourself, your friends, family, and ultimately, the world.


When I look back at all of the different healing classes and workshops that I took, I want to laugh at myself.  I was so very serious back then, trying to be so pure, thinking that I could only heal others if I was always operating from a space of Nirvana.  OMG!  Cue the 60’s Woodstock music, and hand me my Birkenstocks… Let me be clear, you do not need to be a monk, chanting in the Himalayas, or an expert on Crystals and Acupuncture to use energy for healing.


Energy is available to everyone, it’s what we’re made of, it’s in everything we see, touch, hear, smell and feel.  All you need to do is BE Grounded, BE Connected, and then let your intention along with Spirit do the rest.  Healing with energy is a powerful tool, and when you mix in other simple Intuitive techniques such as prayer, intention and love, you are basically plugging yourself into an Electrical Power Station. 


If you’re ready to learn how to connect to Source, for healing yourself, and others, contact me.  I look forward to helping you connect to your Electrical Power Station and to uncover your God-given healing gifts.


In Gratitude,

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Personal Coaching

Who doesn’t need a personal coach, right?  They’re like your best friend’s mother; she’s cool, understanding, caring, funny, but always offers a dose of reality and some helpful advice.  A personal coach nowadays can be many things to different people.  Sometimes, you just need someone to listen to you, to be a sounding board or to get a different perspective.  Whether you’re going through issues with relationships, wanting to gain self-confidence, seeking out your life’s purpose, or simply looking for more balance in your life, working with a personal coach can be life-changing.


As an Empath, I can feel how your experience affects you, and can work to help you become aware of the true root of the problem.  I teach you how to look at your situation through an Intuitive lens, and then give you tools that can help you to bring back balance to that picture.  My goal, like your “best friend’s mother”, is to help point out the obvious elephant in the room, then teach you how to be a ring-leader, and take that Big Boy outside…..


Let’s find healthy solutions together!  Contact me to learn more.


In Gratitude,

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Services & Fees


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